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Mission & Vision


Roosevelt High School is a supportive community fostering student development. At the heart of everything we do is the conviction that behind every data point is a student we care about and a relationship that we can build on to support student growth.
We employ strategies that support independent learning and critical thinking. We value collaborative, project-based teaching and learning as a means for students to develop the skills that will allow them to positively impact the community and prepare for college and career success.


Roosevelt High School’s vision is to provide our students, in partnership with our families and community, with an excellent education in a supportive, inclusive environment, so they develop the skills, knowledge, and resilience to succeed and make positive change in the world.

Graduate Profile

Roosevelt High School Graduates Are...
Advocates for Self and Others
  • Utilize knowledge and skills to champion positive change personally, professionally, and on behalf of a larger community
  • Build meaningful, supportive relationships and effectively use personal, community, and professional resources
  • Exhibit resilience and purposeful planning to achieve short- and long-term goals
  • Empathize with the perspectives of others
  • Act responsibly in promoting personal beliefs and ethics by seeking and reflecting upon new experiences and ideas
  • Critically consume, share, and act on information with integrity and clarity of impact
  • Employ a reflective, flexible, and growth-oriented mindset to resolve challenges and pursue opportunities
  • Welcome and apply constructive feedback for personal and professional improvement
  • Apply past learnings, skills, and experiences to critically and creatively solve problems in new areas
Effective Communicators
  • Proactively lead and collaborate with people across diverse backgrounds to achieve shared goals
  • Effectively convey messages in multiple mediums or languages
  • Engage actively and respectfully in interactions with others