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The East L.A. Classic is one of the greatest high school football games in the country. The yearly contest between the Rough Riders of Theodore Roosevelt and the Bulldogs of James A. Garfield has been played since 1926. Officially, the game has been known as the “Classic” since 1972 and it has served as both school's homecoming games from that point forward.
The game's fame and participation developed over the course of the years to where it was difficult to hold the game at each school's home field. The game moved to the East Los Angeles College stadium to oblige attendance that has reached amounts of 25,000 spectators in certain years. In 1971, individuals from both schools met to examine and decide on what is currently known as the "Classic". Coach Al Chavez from Roosevelt, Vic Loya, and Ted Davis from Garfield met and came up with the prestigious name for the game.
The East L.A. Classic was even supported by the LAUSD Board of Education in 1972 as an official event that praises the district's support for extracurricular activities among its students and families. The game has been very popular for a long time in the Los Angeles area and was even know by some as the "Chili Bowl", and other not so complimenting names. The entirety of individuals who have taken part in the game as students, staff, and fans the same can validate its excellence and recognize that " Classic" is so fitting for this occasion. The game presently includes a variety of events and festivities that start a week ahead of time, for example, a dance is held where the Homecoming Court of students is revealed.
Each school creates a spirit week where day-by-day activities are held so that the entire student body can participate culminating with a "Homecoming Rally" on Friday, the day of the game. The "Classic" allows many students to showcase their talent. Students from the student council design, set up, and monitor the events of the week. Spirit teams like the Cheerleaders, Drill Team, and Flag Team, as well as Band, practice their performances months before the game. One of the most anticipated moments of the night is the baton twirl and high toss during halftime by each of the school’s majorettes.
The winner of the game keeps the perpetual trophy and has bragging rights for a year until the next game is played. Student-athletes who have been part of this annual tradition go on to become leaders and contribute to many of the countries industries. Many alumni also return to the game yearly or watch the game on television with pride for their alma mater.
The East LA Classic, or East Los Angeles Classic ('The Classic') is the homecoming football game for both James A. Garfield High School and Theodore Roosevelt High School. It is known as the East L.A. classic, because the two schools were among the first schools to be established in the East Los Angeles area. The Classic is one of the most highly acclaimed and attended high-school football games west of the Mississippi and has taken place since 1925, the year of Garfield's establishment (with the exception of a span from 1939 to 1948 due to the Great Depression and World War II). As of the 2016 game, along with 6 ties, Roosevelt leads Garfield in the wins column with 41 wins to Garfield's 40. [1]
The Classic brings out alumni from all parts of the world, usually fielding crowds in excess of 25,000 per game[2] and has been held at Weingart Stadium on the campus of East Los Angeles College, in Monterey ParkCalifornia, for much of its existence. The event was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for a few years before returning to its original location at Weingart Stadium.
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