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Advanced Placement

 Roosevelt High School has a proud tradition of providing both Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes for students who wish to take on additional academic challenges that will prepare them for admission to and success in college. 

Why Students Should Take Honors/AP Classes: 

Students with multiple Honors and AP classes on their transcripts are more likely to be accepted to 4-year colleges because they are seen as competitive and prepared.
Students connect with peers who also welcome rich intellectual challenges.
Students gain confidence they can master college work as they see their reading, writing, and analytical skills improve.
Earning a passing score on the AP exam can earn an extra grade point, which can significantly improve one's GPA for college admissions and earn scholarships.
Passing certain AP classes can satisfy college requirements, allowing required college courses to be waived, and time and money to be saved!


"Taking and passing AP exams allowed me to understand I had the skills to make it in higher education." Thalia Diaz Catano, AP Government Teacher
"AP is a chance to push your thinking further than it's ever been; it's a chance to delve deeper into intellectual questions and academic inquiry in ways that will expand your wonders about the world!" Jason Torres Range, AP Language Teacher
Before AP US History, I believed history was only in the past and wasn't interesting, but when I took APUSH, I learned that history is alive." Emily Parra, AP US History Teacher