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Linked Learning Pathways

Linked Learning Overview

Linked Learning transforms students’ high school experience by bringing together strong academics, demanding career and technical education, and real-world experience to help students gain an advantage in high school, post secondary education, and careers. Students follow career-themed pathways, choosing among fields such as engineering, arts and media, or bio medicine and health. Participation in Linked Learning prepares students to graduate from high school and succeed in a full range of post secondary options—including two- or four-year colleges, certification programs, apprenticeships, military service, or formal job training. There is no one right way to implement a pathway.
Whatever the strategy, each pathway embraces four guiding principles and four core components:
  • An academic component that includes the English, mathematics, science, history, and foreign language courses that prepare students to transition, without remediation, to the state’s community colleges and universities, as well as to apprenticeships and formal employment training programs.
  • technical component of three or more courses that help students gain the knowledge and skills that can give them a head start on a successful career.
  • A series of work-based learning opportunities that begin with mentoring and job shadowing and evolve into intensive internships, school based enterprises, or virtual apprenticeships.
  • Support services including counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics that help students master the advanced academic and technical content necessary for success in college and career.

 Work-Based Learning

Bringing theory to life through real-world practical experiences.
A core component of all CTE-Linked Learning initiatives involves work-based learning, allowing students to apply their classroom learning in a professional setting and gain real-world experience. Students learn what it takes to thrive in the professional world through partnerships with local employers that offer internships, externships, and job shadows.
CTE-Linked Learning provides a full range of career-based activities for students such as job shadowing, workplace tours, and mentorship programs, which provide opportunities for more in-depth engagement in activities that have an impact beyond the classroom and create a platform for multiple options after high school. Culminating experiences include internships, service learning, apprenticeships, and professional training programs intended to prepare students for successful entry into the workplace and post-secondary education. 
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